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Terms of Agreement

Payment Schedule

The payment plan will take the following form:

The amount due must be rendered 48 hours after invoice date to complete booking 


     Payments that are not made in this time frame may result in a reschedule of appointment times and/or cancellation of requested services. Payments can be made in accordance to the above schedule. If Monthly services are applicable Payer must know payments are subject to change in direct reflection of the number of weeks and/or days of services provided for the month. If cash customers, service orders will need to be submitted to Service provider administrative staff only and made aware prior to start of service. Payers can receive receipts for payments sent to their email or left in client portal location under paid invoices.



Terms of Cancellation

     This payment schedule is enforceable by law, and the methods described below will be used in cases of delinquent payment. Payment of services indicates your willingness to enter an agreement which will be hold as binding. Failure to meet these agreement terms will allow the Service provider to take certain recourse that may include termination of services. Late payments will be considered continuous of service and will subjected to late fees. Failures to pay for services on time will result in immediate cancellation. If payment should not be delivered at all, Service provider will consider it a voluntary cancellation by payee. In addition, the following terms and conditions apply: Clients will be charged based on quote provided, this includes any additional charges mentioned and documented that may go along with the membership contract.

Keys and Access Codes

     Keys and Access Codes All Payers that provide SDHP staff with keys or access codes to property are covered under key replacement insurance and other insurances pertinent to service request. Should a physical key be provided to staff keys will be collected by SDHP Administrative staff only and provided back to Payer at end of contract or upon request. Access to Payers homes or locations will be completed as mentioned in agreement for services requested only. SDHP staff is not permitted to use keys or access codes to gain access to Payer location under any circumstances that do not fall under the direct guidelines of Payer assessment or contract agreement. SDHP Administrative staff will provide key to Payer via in person drop off or certified mail when applicable. In the event that physical keys are lost SDHP agrees to replace the key through insurance provider at SDHP discretion. If a key is in immediate need of replacement SDHP Administrative staff will replace key with-in 24 hours as long as Payer is able to provide original for a copy to be generated



Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures and Back Up In the event of an emergency with Payer location, pet, or other items within the Payers ownership SDHP is required to notify Payer in accordance to our emergency procedures and backup plan. Pet emergencies will be checked with a vet or local after-hours pet hospital immediately. Payer and Emergency contacts will be contacted after emergency is contained. If there is an emergency in the home noticed by SDHP staff such as fire, flood, gas leak, etc we will notify the proper authorities and then contact Payer to be notified. In the event of an emergency where SDHP staff can not complete a paid service request due to Payer circumstances we do not refund the fees to Payer. If an emergency occurs and SDHP staff is at fault for not completing a paid service request, we will refund the payment immediately to Payer with in 24hrs or Payer can use services for a later date.

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